Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 1

Whew! The first day is over. The energy is high and everyone is having a GREAT time. The worship services are very interactive and uplifting. The youth are really enjoying David Nasser, he presents the message in a manner in which they can relate to everyday experiences.

This afternoon we were able to check out the water activities. Both the adults and youth enjoyed the wave pool and lazy river.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a day!

We finally made it. The vans pulled in the parking lot just in time for the kids to make it to tonights worship service. Things have been pretty un-eventful since arriving. Which after today I am sure is fine by all the adults. Everyone will be up bright and early in the morning getting ready for a busy day. Please remember to keep up in your prayers. Much thanks to First Baptist Church Milton...... don't know that we would have made it with out them. Still can't believe that our 6 hour trip turned in to 12.
Where you can find the bus

Our new friend Bob.

God is good!

Living on faith pays. Forget the $500 dollar car retal bill! A gracious man here at a local church has volunteered his two 15 passengers vans. We should be leaving Milton withing the hour. Woooooooohoooooooooo!!!!


Okay, so we left High Springs at 7:45 this morning. With the gain of an hour (time change) it's 5:04 (6:04 for all of you back home) and we are sitting in Milton Beach, FL. Have you ever been to Milton? Well, there isn't much here. We have spent at least 2 hours in Milton and still haven't had much luck. We have 4 car on hold at the airport in Pensacola.... but are holding out in hopes one of the local churches may come through for us- living on faith. Going to give it a few more moments before we break down and go get the cars.

Keep praying for us.

On the road !

Its official, we have left the county. As of 8:19 we have crossed the Gilchrist County line. According to the navigation system there is only 294.9 more miles to go until we reach our final destination, Orange Beach, AL. Pray that we have safe travel. As you can imagine there have already been lots of questions regarding when we are going to be eating. We hope that we will be able make it to Lake City before anyone dies of

Camp Gang 2009

The girls waiting to get the luggage on the trailer.

The boys waiting to see if there is room left for their luggage.